The Size Is Right

The Size Is Right

There’s something undeniably appealing about miniature things. This isn’t just our own opinion, there have actually been multiple scientific studies on what humans think is ‘cute’ and we’ll save you a lot of reading: it’s things that are mini. Why there needed to be a study on this (and who funded it???) we may never know, but it’s nice to have the scientific community behind us when we instinctively shriek “OMG SO CUTEEE!” at the sight of a Summer Water Droplet

If you’re not familiar with Droplets, they’re the single serve format of our much-loved Summer Water Rosé. One Droplet contains about 6 oz of Summer Water, and comes in a miniature glass bottle that you’ll inexplicably want to save, which is a psychological phenomenon we’ll unpack on another day. Besides being CUTEEEE, these diminutive Droplets are easy to love for so many reasons. 

1: They’re perfectly portable

Toss one in your purse, pop it in your pocket, or take it on your afternoon walk-about. We like to store them in unexpected places for later - like little emergency Rosé easter eggs.

  1. No glassware needed

At home we prefer to pour these in a glass, but if you’re in a pinch, or at a picnic, you can easily drink these straight from the bottle without feeling like a complete social deviant. Add a straw and it’s like you’re having a classy adult Capri-Sun. 

  1. Less waste

When you just want one (big) glass of Rosé without having to waste the rest of the bottle, Droplets are the perfectly portioned answer to your no-drop-left-behind mentality.

  1. They make great gifts

If you’ve ever been invited anywhere, you know the importance of bringing a bottle for the host. While a bottle of Summer Water is always well-received, we can share from experience that people really lose their minds when you hand over a 4-pack of Droplets. Maybe it’s the novelty, or the fact that we’re hardwired to love small things, but you’ll definitely be getting an invite back. 

  1. Legendary party favors

Here’s a fun idea: This Halloween, after the kids have grabbed their fill of candy, hand these out to the neighborhood parents for a treat so legendary you’ll probably get a park named after you. 

So there you have it. 5 reasons we love Droplets, plus a bonus reason from the scientific community if you crave that kind of validity in your purchasing decisions! Cuteeeeee.

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