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Summer Water Orange

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We wouldn’t blame you for thinking so, but ‘orange wine’ isn’t actually made from oranges at all. This much buzzed about trend is also known as ‘skin-contact wine,’ which is a style of wine made using white grapes that are allowed to stay in contact with their skins during fermentation - resulting in its namesake hue. Summer Water Orange strikes a great balance of freshness with subtle salinity and light structure. Adventurous types - this one's for you.

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Skin (contact) is in.

Everyone loves a ginger.

The hottest trend in winemaking right now is, you guessed it, Orange Wine. Rising from the ashes of obscurity, this white-wine-made-in-a-red-wine-style is fermented with its skins on, giving it a unique flavor and subtle orange tint. Go ahead and see what all the fuss is about.

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